We Are Conservative

What Makes Us Conservative?

In such an urbanized world we live in, industries have forgotten to take care of the source of their resources, don’t you agree? The source of everything we wear, eat or live in is the earth, and it is time we really need to start taking care of it. After calculating the amount of water, energy, heat and chemicals that are used, the textile industry has been considered the most ecologically harmful industry in the world. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that the textile processing typically requires up to 132 liters of hot water (per finished product). After noticing the environmental disaster the textile industry is causing, we have decided to strictly uses eco-polyester fabric which is made to be eco-friendly. Using bamboo, recycled polyester and nylons, as well as efficient equipment, our brand has managed to provide you with higher quality fabric, using 70% less water, 70 % less energy and 70% heat .So go ahead, feel good about what you are wearing, knowing it is not leaving a giant environmental footprint.