How We Think Globally But Manufacture Locally

How We Think Globally But Manufacture Locally


The common goal that businesses share is that they want to be financially profitable. Therefore, they will become naturally competitive. That being said, it is no secret that many companies, especially large corporations end up cutting corners by looking for ways to reduce costs and increase margins in order to become profitable.

The fact of the matter is that every company is looking for ways to make more money. That is understandable, and it would not be normal for a company to not have that goal in mind. However, most companies will look for ways to make money in ways that will harm the environment. That involves a higher amount of pollution emitted when it comes to manufacturers. Especially when it involves products that are being made from manufacturing companies that are overseas, where production is inexpensive and where there is less concern over how the environment is affected

However, there are several companies around that are ethical, have integrity and are environmentally friendly. Iron Queen is one of the estimated 8% of companies worldwide that happen to fall into this category.

It is known that the textile industry is considered to be one of the most harmful ones ecologically. In fact, the United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that it takes 132 liters of hot water for every pound per finished product! That goes from manufacturing in small batches to using recycled bamboo and nylon fabric, to recycling locally.  We are happy to make it known that our company has chosen to take the right and ethical route.  

The reason having an environmentally friendly company is important to me is because it is known the environment is not in good shape and needed extra care. However, when I first started my journey at 16 in a health food store, I was eager to learn about products in the health and wellness industry. I became more concerned about my health and changed my lifestyle for the better.

I then realized that the earth is like your own health. If you don't take care of your health, you will be sick. The same goes for the environment. I then stopped supporting GMO foods, and will always recycle. The effects of pollution are incredibly devastating and I wanted to make a change for the better.

I also had a passion for starting my own clothing line, however, it was not easy and the way these products were built was devastating as it was no different from filling your bodies with junk food. This inspired me to look for a manufacturer that only creates eco-friendly gym apparel after hours. After conducting a lot of research of my own, I started my own company Iron Queen.

Iron Queen is a Canadian company that uses the latest technology and equipment. We have developed a fabric processing system that reduces the amount of water consumed during the manufacturing of polyester fabrics. We have developed a processing system that helps us saves approximately 70% less energy water and heat during our manufacturing process. Our company believes in goodwill for both ourselves and our beloved earth. Our main goal is to become a role model for the next generation. We do care about being profitable but not at the environment's expense.

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  • Would love to collaborate with you. We are a small family based gym in UK.We are looking to get our logo on a clothing line to resale sports wear to our clients. My Instagram is @phil.heaton.Lets talk.Regards

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